Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Charlotte Charles' Apple Gruyére pie

Last night I made the aforementioned pie that jonna found a recipe for online. It was possibly the best pie my taste buds have met thus far. Inspired by the piemaker himself, I opted to have a positive attitude through the entire prepping and baking process. A positive attitude, even though I knew something was bound to go wrong. It was, afterall, my first real pie. Hopefully my good vibes replaced the homeopathic antidepressants found in the original. Although, I almost lost it when I sliced each of the 8 apples into perfectly consistent and nearly transparent 16ths... and then realized I forgot to peel them first. An hour later, I was pleased to have them peel free and coated in this blanket of golden, flaky, cheesy goodness:

If you find the recipe on Jonna's blog, I used all butter instead of lard for the crust and gala apples for the filling. Yum. If you are reading this you are welcome to come have a slice with a tall glass of Pushing Daisies tonight at my apartment!

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Anonymous said...

delicious it was.
and better be tonight at the after party.