Monday, September 29, 2008

Time Trollop?

So lately I've been doing some stuff with my music. However, one giant blimp on the radar of my future is work. A blip* I'm sure is not exclusive to me as you can't play music without being alive, and you can't live without money. Thus: work. 

At the risk of being a downer, I get a little sadder every day I have to trek 30-60 minutes to San Bernardino, on a drive that gets progressively more depressing, to sell 9 hours of my life:

I share an office with one person and I mostly sit here and inadvertently avoid being terribly proactive. Which I'm not proud of. And of course, like I'm sure is true in any workplace, lots of pettiness and gossip is also taking a toll on me. 

On a more positive note...I'm trying to assess my options and obtain a different source of income. Perhaps one with a more fulfilling or interesting environment. If nothing else, something that has a change of scenery (aka geographically in the opposite direction of where I am...or in many directions). 

If you have any job ideas/leads or aspirations to join a traveling circus with me, please do let me know :)

*Yes, that used to say "blimp".

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