Thursday, July 24, 2008

Terrarisaurus Rex

So next month my sister and I will be moving into a sweet new apartment. New, as in, new to both of us. And probably you. But not to the guy who used to live in it before us.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about bringing in lots of eclectic furniture and defacing the stark white walls. We got a great vintage floral tapestry couch from an estate sale last weekend. (*Check back for pictures of all the cool stuff we get.) 

We were thinking about using the stencil from my room (pictured below) to paint the living room:

but I'm thinking some sweet DIY silhouette decals might be a better option. Much less effort, possibly just as cool. 

As I was looking for tutorials on wall decals (of which there are many), I came across this adorable blog. As easily sidetracked as I can be, I adopted a new goal. A terrarium, of which is not complete without a romp of dinosaurs (and maybe a lawn gnome or two). At least then when the plants die I have someone to blame it on:

Not an incredibly informative first post, but a fresh start on a clean blog slate. 

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